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Welcome to Kittchaco. My name is Ai Takamizawa.I had been a sneaker designer for 19 years.


In my early thirties, I wasn’t feeling well and went to a doctor of Eastern traditional Medicine. It is common for women in their early thirties not to feel well.


Of course, I went to see a Western doctor first, but my condition was not “serious” enough to receive Western treatment; moreover, there is no name in Western medicine for this condition.This is why I turned to Eastern traditional medicine and it sparked an interest that I continue to this day: both learning more and practicingEastern traditional herbal treatments. 


At that time, I was very busy with my modern daily life, both in Japan and abroad, so I decided to incorporate Eastern traditional medicine into my routine. 

In 2019, I earned my license to practice Japanese herbal tea blending.


Now I have opened my own Japanese fusion herbal tea shop online.

I do not prepare medicine, but I prepare natural herbal teas to help you if you are not feeling well. Kittchaco. uses edible natural herbs and ingredients which will help you recover your healthy balance over time after drinking them every day.Every ingredient is all-natural with nothing artificial.

My goal is to help other women who are busy with modern daily life.


I will move to Bangkok;Thailand in 2020, and would like to merge Traditional Thai medicine into Eastern traditional herbal treatments.


Please let me know if you have any questions about our tea blends. I look forward to helping you enjoy your healthy life.





Ai Takamizawa

Profile: 私たちについて
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